Ava & Carterville, IL TS Cindy Remnants Cause Extensive Flooding 6/23/2017

Two part video package detailing early afternoon flooding across Jackson County near the town of Ava where livestock were left to fend for themselves in flooded fields as well as the inundation and closure of several roads. The second part details a quick round of storms that pushed into the region as the remnants of Cindy made their last stand before moving off to the east. Those storms hit the Carterville area with a quick half inch of rain in less than 10 minutes leading to some minor street flooding.

This all was due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy that pushed up into the region Friday morning and quickly moved out of the region, but not before over 5-inches of rain lad to flash flooding across the region.
Shot Description


Scene 1: Herd of cows in flood waters outside Ava.

Scene 2: Cows walking in flood waters.

Scene 3-6: Various shots of cows in the flood waters.

Scene 7: Wide shot of flooded street with mailbox in foreground and cows in background.

Scene 8: Flooded street with a 45mph speed limit sign and a truck driving up the flood water.

Scene 9: Tight shot of pickup truck driving through flooded road.

Scene 10: Wide shot of flooded road.

Scene 11-12: Sign next to highway WATER ON PAVEMENT

Scene 13: Panning shot of flooded field and road.

Scene 14: Cattle gate in flood waters.


Scene 15: Wide shot of incoming storm clouds.

Scene 16-19: Various shots of incoming storm clouds.

Scene 20: Shot of heavy rain falling against a tree.

Scene 21: Wide shot of heavy rain falling.

Scene 22: Black SUV driving through standing water on the road.

Scene 23: Gold car driving through standing water.

Scene 24: Silver SUV driving away from camera through standing water.

Scene 25-27: Shots of cars and trucks driving through standing water.