Cindy Remnants Flood Southern IL – 6/23/2017

The remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy moved north from the southern states into portions of southern Illinois Friday morning bringing excessive rains that lead to flash flooding across the region. Doppler radar estimates over 5 inches of rain in some areas across Perry County in just a few hours as the northern portion of the former tropical system hammered the region. Flash Flood Warnings went up in several areas as numerous reports of flooding came in.

Video package shot across Perry County in and around the town of Pinckneyville where flash flooding occurred in and around town.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot out of the windshield of flash flooding in a neighborhood in the southeast part of town.

Scene 2-3: Shot of a van driving through deep flood waters in a flooded neighborhood.

Scene 4-5: Flash flooding overtaking a home and garage.

Scene 6: A kid's Power Wheel vehicle floating behind a telephone pole in flash flooding.

Scene 7: White car driving through flood waters in front of building.

Scene 8: White SUV driving through flood waters on Main Street in Pinckneyville.

Scene 9: Shot of neighborhood street with truck parked in flood waters as a garbage truck turns through flood waters in background.

Scene 10: Blue SUV driving through flood waters.

Scene 11: IL-DOT vehicle testing depth of flood waters under a bridge of Route 13 on south side of Pinckneyville.

Scene 12: Police car sitting on Rt. 13 just south of flooded bridge closing the highway to all vehicles.

Scene 13: Wide shot of police officer in rain coat directing traffic onto a detour of Rt. 13.

Scene 14: Tight shot of officer talking to drivers about the detour, woman can be heard saying asking whether it is flooding under the bridge.

Scene 15: Tight shot of police car.

Scene 16: IL-DOT truck with reverse warning beeps on Route 13 with flooded bridge in background.

Scene 17: IL-DOT truck parked in road as they reopened Rt. 13 to semi trucks only as they were big enough to get through the water.

Scene 18: Tight shot of semi truck from previous scene slowly driving through the flooded under bridge.

Scene 19: Drug store truck driving through flood waters in town.

Scene 20: Wide shot of dark car driving through neighborhood flooded streets, then zoom to brown car driving through flooded streets.