New York New Jersey Torrential Rains Flooding – 6/19/2017

Severe Storms blast through the urban corridors of New Jersey and NYC with flash flooding, damaging winds, and lightning.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: A car is submerged in flash flooding on the Long Island Expressway in Queens, NY.
Scene 3: A multi-car accident caused by severe weather is cordoned off by emergency vehicles on the I-95 near Ridgefield, New Jersey.
Scene 4: A man runs through a parking lot in Boonton, NJ as an intense squall line brings torrential rains to the area.
Scenes 5 – 10: Various scenes of torrential rains and strong winds blasting vehicles and trees in Boonton, NJ as an intense squall line moves through the area.
Scene 11: An ominous shelf cloud hover over a Walmart parking lot in Boonton, NJ.
Scenes 12 – 13: Car Dash POV shots of heavy rains falling on I-80 in northern New Jersey
Scene 14: Torrential rains cause flash flooding on Woodhaven Blvd in Queens, NYC.
Scenes 15 – 19: Torrential rains, flash flooding and strong winds blast through a residential street in Queens, NYC as intense storms move through the area.