Extreme Heat in Phoenix, AZ – 6/19/2017

Record and near-record heat is expected to affect the Phoenix metro area over the next five days. Extreme heat warnings are in place through Saturday for the Phoenix area. Officials are urging residents to stay hydrated, as health problems are common in extreme heat. Flight delays have occurred, and more are expected. Over twenty emergency cooling stations have already been deployed across the Phoenix metro and are expected to remain open throughout the week. Residents enjoying various outdoor activities are reminded to refresh their memories on heat safety techniques and to keep an eye on children and the elderly.
Shot Description

Shot 1 – Extreme fire danger sign
Shot 2 – Golfer in extreme heat
Shot 3 – Boaters on Lake Pleasant
Shot 4 – Hiker in heat (low shot)
Shot 5 – Hiker in heat (medium shot)
Shot 6 – Hiker in heat (wide shot)
Shot 7 – Salvation Army cooling/water station
Shot 8 – Pedestrian receiving aid from water station (wide shot)
Shot 9 – Pedestrian taking water from station (tight shot)
Shot 10 – Residents seeking relief at Phoenix pool (medium shot)
Shot 11 – Swimmer on water slide (tight shot)
Shot 12 – Misters at restaurant in Downtown Phoenix (medium shot)
Shot 13 – Misters at restaurant (tight shot)
Shot 14 – Aircraft taking off at Sky Harbor in heat (medium shot)
Shot 15 – Aircraft taking off at Sky Harbor (medium shot)
Shot 16 – Aircraft landing at Sky Harbor (medium shot)
Shot 17 – SOT – Colin Williams, Regional Communications Officer, American Red Cross Phoenix