Tropical Rains in Key West, FL – 6/18/2017

Bands of squalls from the tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean have reached the lower keys bringing blustery wind driven rain to Key West. Cruise ship and tourists in tropical downpours at Mallory Square, Key West Harbor, and Front street.
Shot Description

1) Dark squall line approaching from south as Empress of the Sea sits docked at Mallory Square Key West.
2) Squall off Key West Harbor Marina.
3) Heavy wind driven rain hitting Mallory Square and cruise ship.
4) Cruise ship passengers scramble to get back on board in heavy rain at Mallory Square dock.
5) People and traffic in heavy wind driven rain at Front Street with conch train and trolley.
6) People wearing bags walking out the dock to cruise ship in rain/wind.
7) People with rain coats and umbrellas in heavy rain waiting to pass security check point at Mallory Square.
8) Rain shafts over Gulf of Mexico off Key West Harbor marina. (no audio.)
9) Heavy rain at Key West Harbor marina. (no audio)
10) Timelapse of squall moving into Mallory Square with cruise ship. (no audio.)