Barron County & RiceLake, WI Severe thunderstorm & Storm Damage 6/11/2017

A line of Severe thunderstorms rolled through Barron County this morning. This line caused many trees to be downed along with power lines.
Shot Description

Clip 1-3 Severe thunderstorms moving into Barron County with lightning.
Clip 4. A tree downed on a house.
Clip 5. A closer look at the tree on the house.
Clip 6. Tree blocking HWY SS. South of Rice Lake.
Clip 7. A different view of the tree blocking HWY SS.
Clip 8. Blown down tree that smashed a metal fence.
Clip 9. Another tree blocking a road.
Clip 10. Large tree branches blocking a road.
Clip 11. Power crews working on downed power lines.
Clip 12 a different view of the power crews working on the downed power lines.
Clip 13. A sign post that was snapped off.
Clip 14 the sign that was snapped off.
Clip 15. A close view of the sign.
Clip 16.A wooden fence that was blown over.
Clip 17. Appears to be a tree hit by lightning, as it looks to be burnt.
Clip 18. Another downed power line.