Stearns County, MN Severe Storms and Damage – 6/11/2017

A tornado warned storm and severe weather rocked the area just to the south of the Saint Cloud metro area this morning with extreme high winds and vivid lightning.

The footage starts out showing the tornado warned storm just to the south of the town of Kimball, MN with the Lightning, high winds and heavy rain hitting the area.

The second half of the video is the damage in Waite Park, MN where the area was slammed by straight line winds that damaged several homes and knocked power out to a large part of the Saint Cloud metro area.
Shot Description

First part is just south of Kimball, MN

Clip 1-3 Dramatic Time Lapse of the storm moving in.

Clip 4 – 14 Vivid lightning as the storm moves closer.

Clip 15 – 16 Driving in blinding rain.

Clip 17 Whiteout conditions

Clip 18 High winds cause tree's to bend in the near whiteout conditions on Highway 15.

Clip 19 POV Lightning hits while driving.

Following footage is from Waite Park, MN of the storm damage and fire fighters on the scene.

Clip 20 Fire truck blocking the road

Clip 21 Fire truck and Xcel Energy on the scene of numerous power lines down.

Clip 21 Crews working on downed power lines.

Clip 22 Very wide shot of crews working on power lines as the lightning flashes across the sky in the back ground.

Clip 23 Waite Park Fire Chief directing traffic.

Clip 24 Tree branch through someones windshield

Clip 25 Tree on top of a house.

Clip 26 Trees on top of houses.

Clip 27 Tree on top of a house.

Clip 28 Tree on top of the house and another broken off by after being exploded by lightning.

Clip 29 Tree that exploded after being struck by lightning and landed on a house.

Clip 30 Damaged street light with an American Flag wrapped up in it.

Clip 31-32 Large pine tree resting on the power lines.

Clip 33-34 Large part of a tree on a house.

Clip 35-38 House with a large tree on it.

Clip 39 Debris in someones yard.

Clip 40 Fire crew blocking the road and large power lines down and tree down.

Clip 41-42 Power lines down.

Clip 43 Power lines down on power lines.

Clip 44 Flag blown down and laying in the street.

Clip 45 Tree laying on power lines.

Clip 46 Large billboard missing half the side of the structure. Pan to the right to see a huge section of the billboard that was ripped off and blown over 100 feet to the other side of the road.

Clip 47 Shot of the billboard and debris.