Carpenter, WY Tornado, Damage and Timelapse – 6/12/2017

A long track tornado, on the ground for nearly 25 minutes, touched down just outside Hereford, CO in northern Weld County and moved across the state line into southern Wyoming where it continued for a while, doing damage near Carpenter, and eventually roping out.

Video opens with amazing time lapse of ropeout where tornado literally sheds its outer cloud layer before roping. Followed with various shots of tornado, as well as resulting damage near Carpenter.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Amazing time lapse of ropeout with tornado literally shedding outer cloud layer near Carpenter, WY.

Scene 2: POV driving shots as massive tornado is behind the town of Hereford, Colorado.

Scene 3: Shot as tornado rapidly forms into massive cone near Hereford, Colorado.

Scene 4: Dash camera of tornado with its initial touchdown near Hereford, Colorado.

Scene 5: Shot of tornado at it's most mature stage near Carpenter, WY.

Scene 6: Traffic blocked with NAT sound of leaking gas near Carpenter.

Scene 7: Dash camera shot of several people removing debris from road near Carpenter.

Scene 8: Car clearing out of view as man in yellow shirts removes debris from road.

Scene 9: Destroyed silo

Scene 10: Car driving around debris in the road.