Storms cause travel headache in the Midwest – 5/25/2017

Video of storms over Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska today. Video includes storms, lightning, hail and wind. Two semis, storm related, one flipped over, the other road it into the ditch. One mile west of Goodland Kansas.
Shot Description

shot 1 Tight shot of two semis wrecked from storm. one mile west of Goodland Kansas.
shot 2 wide shot of accident
shot 3 upright semi in ditch
shot 4 wide shot
shot 5 storm with lightning
shot 6 storm
shot 7 hail hitting windshield
shot 8 hail bouncing in ditch
shot 9 wide of storm
shot10 backlight windmill
shot 11 piles of hail on road
shot 12 mammatus clouds
shot 13 inflow winds
shot 14 wide storm
shot 15 wind on wheat fields
shot 16 wide storm
shot 17 rainbow over town