Colorado Extreme Weather, Tornado, Hail And Dust Storm – 5/25/2017

Long-lived supercell moving across Colorado into Kansas briefly gets its act together and spins up a dusty tornado near the CO/KS border several miles east of Idalia, Colorado. That storm produced hail up to baseball size, but more than that, accumulated lots of hail in places making it look like a snowstorm had moved through. That storm moved into Kansas, prompting further tornado-warnings near Oakley as it pushed southeast.

Video includes shots of the tornado as it churned east of Idalia, as well as hail falling up to golfball size east of Idalia. All video shot on the Colorado side of the CO/KS border roughly 30 minutes north of Burlington, Colorado.

Second part of video includes footage from the supercell earlier in its life cycle south of Yuma, Colorado.
Shot Description


Scene 1-3: Dash camera shots of tornado off to the east of Idalia, Colorado as chaser approaches US-385. Tornado was estimated to be roughly 4 miles west of the CO/KS border per NWS reports.

Scene 4: POV driving shot in dense hail fog, following a truck.

Scene 5-6: POV driving shots following a car on a hail-covered road just north of (I'm NOT even kidding) Hale, Colorado on County Road 7.

Scene 7: Car drives past with wide shot of hail covered wintery scene.

Scene 8: Heavy falling as car exits frame, hail extensively covering the ground.

Scene 9: Wide shot of cows being hit with hail, NAT sound of falling hail and mooing!

Scene 10: Tighter shot of cows in the hail, more NAT mooing.

Scene 11: Baby cows being pelted with hail, lots of NAT mooing in this clip.

Scene 12: Tight shot of large heffer getting hit with hail, more NAT mooing.

Scene 13: Heavy hail falling, accumulating in grass.

Scene 14: Hail up to golfball size falling heavily and accumulating in yard.

Scene 15: Shot of house with heavy hail falling and accumulating in the yard.


Scene 1-4: Various POV driving shots approaching the storm as a large plume of dust moves across the highway. Zooms wide to show base and low hanging clouds, tighter shots of dust plume.

Scene 5: POV driving shot as hail starts to fall on highway.

Scene 6: Hail falling on dirt road.

Scene 7: Lots of hail falling on road with two trucks waiting out the storm in the background.

Scene 8: More hail falling on dirt road.

Scene 9: Tighter shot of two trucks as hail falls.

Scene 10: White car drives down road as hail falls.

Scene 11: Hail and rain on the highway.

Scene 12: Tight shot of hail falling on ground.

Scene 13: White car driving on highway as rain and hail fall.