Colby KS Extreme Severe Storm – 5/26/2017

The long-track supercell that began near Denver continued its 10-hour trek into Kansas where it hammered towns on I-70 with very strong winds and hail. The town of Colby was hammered with wind-driven hail up to golfball size. The initial wind gust ahead of the storm was estimated at 80mph, blowing dirt and debris right into the open window of the shooter in his vehicle. Electric windows do not close fast enough. Last few shots are from earlier in the evening back to the west in Goodland, KS as that same storm displayed amazing structure over I-70.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Raw unedited clip as extreme winds overtake shooter in Colby gas station as blinding dirt blow at camera. Shooter rolls up window as dirt and debris fly past vehicle. Winds ease enough where visibility returns.

Scene 2-4: Shots of wind-driven hail hitting parking lot.

Scene 5: Tight shot of van in nearby gas pump with wind and hail hit.

Scene 6: High winds and hail hammering the area as several cars turn into parking lot.

Scene 7: White pickup truck passing through hail and wind.

Scene 8: Group of vehicles under another gas station awning during the storm.

Scene 9: High winds and hail.

Scene 10: Shot of gas station awning as storm starts to ease up.

Scene 11: Shot of a few small hailstones on ground.

Scene 12-13: Amazing structure over I-70 at Goodland, Kansas before dark.