Amazing Eloy, AZ Thunderstorm Time- Lapse – 5/8/2017

Time lapse of some rain showers and thunderstorms near Eloy, Arizona. These storms produced isolated areas of heavy rain and some lightning.
Shot Description

Shot 1 Wide shot of the thunderstorm(s) facing due east. Sun behind camera lights up the areas of rain and virga in stunning fashion. At various points during this shot, you'll see pillars of light find their way through lightning up the nearby mountains. The small little butte on the left is known as Picacho Peak. During the summer monsoon, this area is frequented by blowing dust. In fact, this is the area that haboobs (dust storms) often form off the out flow boundaries from severe storms near Tucson, AZ (50 miles away).

Shot 2 A medium shot of the same storm. This time you can see cars moving across the horizon. This is Interstate 10. A very busy Interstate that connects Phoenix and Tucson. You can also see light rays moving up and down the mountains. A brief partial rainbow can also be observed on the far right near Picacho Peak.

Shot 3 Close up shot of a rain shower as well as some rays moving across the desert. Picacho Peak on the right as well as the Catalina Mountains way off in the distance near Tucson, AZ