North Texas Tornado And Hail Storm – 5/10/2017

Footage of tornado near Dunlap TX, large gustnadoes near Vernon TX, and large damaging hail in El Dorado OK as another day of severe weather strikes the Great Plains.

All footage shot during afternoon & evening daylight on May 10, 2017 across Northwest Texas and Southwest Oklahoma by meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1.wide panning shot of approaching wall cloud near Dunlap, TX

2. shot of rotating wall cloud near Dunlap, TX

3. pushed-in shot of tornado near Dunlap, TX

4. shot of tornado near Dunlap, TX

5. shot of rapidly rotating wall cloud approaching highway near Dunlap, TX

6-8. POV shots of very large hail smashing on road and car near El Dorado, OK

9. shot of plumes of dirt kicked-up by large supercell thunderstorm near Vernon TX

10. POV shot of large gustnado in crossing road near Vernon TX

11. shot of large gustnado crossing next to vehicle near Vernon, TX

12. POV driving shot of supercell thunderstorm updraft near Vernon TX

13 & 14. pushed-in shots of dirt and dust blown by high winds from supercell thunderstorm near Vernon, TX

15 & 16. shots of wall cloud near El Dorado, OK from tornadic supercell thunderstorm