Eldorado, OK Sirens Hail Severe Storm – 5/10/2017

A long-track tornadic supercell formed northeast of Lubbock, TX and trekked several hours into southwest Oklahoma. Several brief tornadoes were reported with it along its life, and the storm was tornado warned for most of its life. When it hit Eldorado, it came in with 80mph winds and wind driven golfball hail. It became outflow dominate as it moved northeast.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: *NAT* Tornado sirens blaring as ominous clouds move into town as the storm nears.

Scenes 3-4: Very strong winds blowing through trees in town as heavy rain drives through.

Scene 5: Wide shot as blinding rains overtake the town.

Scene 6: Two cars huddled under overhang as wind driven hail hits street.

Scene 7-9: Shots of sporadic large hail impacting the road in near blinding wind driven rain.

Scene 10: Wide shot of blinding wind and rain overtaking town.

Scene 11: Panning shot with semi truck driving in high winds and rain.

Scene 12: Wide shot of town as wind and rain continue.

Scene 13-15: POV driving shots following jeep as large hail pounds down. NATs of hail impacting vehicle and radio chatter.

Scene 16: Handheld shot driving in near blinding rain and hail.

Scene 17: Passing traffic in high winds and rain.

Scene 18-19: Shots of very strong winds and sporadic large hail in blinding rain.