Rockaway, NY Lightning Storms Flooding 4k – 4/6/2017

The first strong thunderstorms of the Spring season bring lightning, torrential rains, and flooding to Rockaway Beach, along the south shore of Queens County, NY.
Shot Description

Shots 1-5: Lightning flashes and heavy rain falls, as strong thunderstorms move in off the Atlantic Ocean in Rockaway, NY.
Shots 6-7: A lady caught in torrential rains, walks with her umbrella in Rockaway, NY.
Shot 8: A sharp crack of thunder is heard, as litter floats down the street in Rockaway, NY.
Shots 9-14: Torrential rains cause significant street flooding on Rockaway Blvd, as vehicles drive through the deep water.
Shot 15: Torrential rains cause a homes gutters to overflow.
Shot 16: An FDNY truck drive through flooded streets in Rockaway, NY.
Shots 17-19: Various shots of torrential rains falling in Rockaway, NY.