Carroll County, MD Near Flood Conditions & High Creeks – 4/6/2017

Severe thunderstorms head into many areas of the mid-atlantic region today. In northern Maryland heavy rains contribute to some flooding and creeks at the edge of over flowing.
Shot Description

Taneytown, Md area
Piney Creek by Teeter Road :

Clips 1 – 3 : Piney Creek at the edge of overflowing at Teeter Road, ground level shots (Tight to medium, medium, wide),

Clips 4 – 6 : Water in Piney creek less than 2 feet below bridge (Tight, medium, wide shot with vehicle traveling across bridge)

Clips 7 – 8 : Very high water in Piney creek / shots from each side of bridge.

Creek at Babylon Road :

Clips 9 – 12 : Very high water in creek at bridge, (Left to right pan), Right side of bridge view / water at support beams of bridge, Left side of bridge view / water at support beams of bridge, Left side bridge view / pan left to show water running out of creek bed.
Westminster, Maryland area :
East Deep Run Road :

Clips 13 – 15 : High & fast moving water running out of creek

Clip 16 : Water running out of creek and onto property of farm / water running over driveway

East Deep Run Road & Bixler Church Road :

Clip 17 – 19 : Fast moving water running through drainage pipes in ditch.
Detour, Maryland area (Carroll County & Frederick County border)
Double Pipe Creek :

Clips 20 & 21 : High levels of water in Double Pipe Creek under bridge of Md Rt 77 / Vehicles crossing bridge.

Clip 22 : Shot showing sign for Double Pipe Creek park, high water in creek, traffic on Md Rt 77 bridge.

Taneytown, Maryland area

Clip 23 : Traffic heading north on wet roadway / rains ending. Shot from Stone Road and Md Rt 194:

Clip 24 : Heavy traffic on N/B side of Md Rt 194, biker traveling S/B on Md Rt 194 as rains come to an end.