Crazy Dangerous Close Lightning At The Beach, Nokomis, FL – 4/6/2017

Risky woman surrounded by shopping bags hides under a plastic tarp to protect herself from intense lightning on an otherwise deserted Nokomis Beach as an intense line of thunderstorms moves onshore in Nokomis Florida.
Shot Description

1) Intense cloud to water lightning bolt comes down into Gulf of Mexico as woman on right camps out on beach surrounded by shopping bags.
2) Woman hunkers down on beach in her fortress of shopping bags.
3) Lightning flashes overhead as woman covers herself with a gray tarp.
4,5) Two shots of rip-tide warning sign with lightning coming down. (one out of focus some but good CG.)
6) CG lightning into water at beach.
7) Double CG lightning into water at beach.
8) Shot of lifeguard tower at Nokomis beach as lightning hits extremely close startling cameraman. (I could smell ozone from this strike.)
9) Squall moving in off Gulf of Mexico.
10,11,12) Wind-driven heavy rain buffeting beach vegetation and palms.
13) Heavy rain and wind pounding metal roof of shelter.
14) Heavy rain and run-off on sidewalk.
15) Heavy rain on boardwalk.
16) Mini-van plows through flooded road.
17) Shot of lifeguard tower and palms with lightning flashing and thunder rolling.