Pulaski, NY Intense Lake Effect Snow – 1/29/2017

Intense Lake Effect squalls dropped almost a foot of snow on Pulaski NY over the course of only a few hours in the early morning.
Shot Description

SHOTS 1 – 3: Close shots of snow plow passing by the camera during an intense burst of snow in the early morning.
SHOT 4: A person scraping snow off of their vehicle in Pulaski NY.
SHOT 5: People shoveling & putting down salt on a sidewalk outside a convenience store in Pulaski NY.
SHOTS 6 & 7: People using snow blowers to clear snow in downtown Pulaski NY.
SHOT 8 Cars driving into intense snow on Sunday early morning near I-81 in Pulaski.
SHOT 9 & 10: Heavy equipment was used to plow the foot of snow into giant mountains in Pulaski NY.
SHOT 11: Wide shot of the white out "fog" in Pulaski NY as an especially intense Lake Effect band moves over.
SHOT 12: Nearly a foot of snow buried cars in a large parking lot in Pulaski NY.
SHOT 13: People walking & shoveling the sidewalk in downtown Pulaski NY.
SHOT 14:Dash-camera shot driving down a snow-covered road in Pulaski NY as heavy snow falls.
SHOT 15: Shot of heavy snow falling past light poles in a parking lot.