Jefferson County, NY late afternoon Lake Effect snow storm – 1/28/2017

Heavy Lake Effect snows caused hazardous travel conditions for motorists on the Tug Hill Plateau in northern NY State.
Shot Description

SHOTS 1-4: Various close-up shots of a car that slid off Hwy 177, and its owner waiting for help to arrive.
SHOT 5: Rear-facing exterior GoPro shot approaching a stuck vehicle on the side of the road, as snowmobile riders pass by.
SHOT 6 & 7: Snowmobile riders driving along a snowy path, both front shots of them approaching and rear shots of them leaving.
SHOT 8: Compressed shot of a rider fueling his snowmobile as heavy snow falls.
SHOT 9: Heavy snow coats pine trees, as the camera pans down the road.
SHOT 10: The Barnes Corners road sign with heavy snow falling.
SHOT 11: A woman walking her dogs down a sidewalk in Booneville NY, with tall piles of snow all around.
SHOT 12: Snow blowing & drifting around the back of a shed.