Richland, NY Intense Lake Effect Snow – 1/29/2017

Very heavy lake effect snow falls on the Tug Hill Plateau in and near Richland, NY creating treacherous travel conditions.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A man is barely visible snow blowing his driveway in near whiteout conditions in Richland, NY.
Shots 2-4: People out in near whiteout conditions shoveling snow in Richland, NY.
Shot 5: A snow plow clears deep snow off of a side road in Richland, NY
Shots 6-7: A man grabs gets back in his vehicle and drive off in very heavy snow in Richland, NY.
Shots 8-10: Intense lake effect snow creates near whiteout conditions for area motorists in Richland, NY
Shot 11: A tractor dumps large amounts of snow into a garbage truck to be hauled away.
Shot 12: A vehicle dissapears into a wall of white as he drives down the road in Richland, NY.
Shot 13: Heavy snow falling on a rural road in Richland, NY.
Shot 14: Ground level shot of deep snow piled up in a driveway of a residential home near Richland, NY.
Shot 15: A man pulls his vehicle out of deep snow in his driveway in Richland, NY. Large amounts of snow have accumulated on top of his roof.