Babylon, NY – Storm Surge from Powerful Nor’Easter – 1/23/2017

Footage of storm surge splashing onto buildings and rising over park in Babylon, NY. Footage of large crashing waves causing beach erosion across from Babylon on Gilgo Beach, NY. Shots of traffic light dangling by wire after high winds tore it from pole.

All footage shot in/near Babylon, NY during evening daylight on January 23, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot list:

1 & 2. pushed-on shots of waves from storm surge crashing onto parking lot in front of parked car in Babylon, NY

3-9. Various shots of storm surge and waves overtaking park, splashing on buildings and yards in Babylon, NY

10-12. shots of traffic light torn from pole dangling by wire by high winds

13 & 14. pushed-in shots of battered and beaten American Flag from high winds in Babylon

15 & 16. shots of large construction tarp whipped by vicious strong winds from Noreaster

17. pushed-in shot of basketball hoop knocked on ground by severe high winds from Noreaster

18-21. Various shots of huge waves and rough surf pounding Gilgo Beach across bay from Babylon causing beach erosion from powerful Noreaster

22 & 23. seagulls try to stay grounded in very high storm winds from powerful Noreaster