Adel, GA Tornado Aftermath – 1/23/2017

Badly damaged houses and completely destroyed trailer home caused by a strong tornado that occurred on the early morning hours of 01/23/2017.
Shot Description

Scene 1-4: House torn open with insulation and furniture showing (Different Angles)
Scene 5-6: Back side of damaged house
Scene 7-8: Pan shot back side of damaged house.
Scene 9: Pan shot of downed trees
Scene 10-11: Damage to backside of house
Scene 12: Pan shot of damage and down trees
Scene 13: Pan shot of destroyed trailer home
Scene 14: Destroyed trailer home and foundation
Scene 15-17: Silo storage unit blown apart
Scene 18: Backside of white house that was badly damaged with many downed trees
Scene 19-20: Different angled shots of destroyed trailer with a lot of debris
Scene 21: Pan shot of sheet metal debris up to scattered debris and downed trees
Scene 22: Another shot of ripped open house with insulation hanging and exposed furniture
Scene 23-24: Further back shot of torn open house
Scene 25: House with roof damage and tarp over roof.
Scene 26: Same as above but pan over to field with debris and downed trees
Scene 27: Front side of damaged house, large trees down in yard
Scene 28: Same as above with pan shot to other damage and house damage
Scene 29: House with siding torn off and downed trees.
Scene 30: Downed trees snapped at the top, sheet metal wrapped around trees.