Manasquan, NJ Intense Nor’easter Tropical Storm Force Winds – 1/23/2017

Winds approaching hurricane force batter the Jersey Shore and the town of Manasquan during an intense nor'easter.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Ground level shot of water pouring over the sea wall at Manasquan Inlet.
Shot 2: A woman is sand blasted as she stands on the beach in Manasquan, NJ.
Shot 3: A childs tire swing, and beach sand blow around in the high winds on Manasquan Beach.
Shot 4: Large waves batter the rocks at the entrance to Manasquan Inlet.
Shots 5-6: Intense winds tear siding away from a house under construction on Manasquan Beach.
Shots 7-8: A man braves being sand blasted, as he stands on Manasquan Beach to take pictures of the rough surf and high winds.
Shot 9: A man takes shelter under an overhang on Manasquan Beach, as sand flies by in the high winds.
Shots 10-11: High surf batters Manasquan Beach, and Manasquan Inlet.
Shot 12: A man walks his dog by Manasquan Inlet, as water breaches the sea wall.
Shots 13-17: High winds create rough surf, and blow sand around on Manasquan Beach.
Shot 18: A wind vane spins in high winds along Manasquan Inlet.
Shot 19: Waves crest the sea wall along Manasquan Inlet.
Shot 20: Wind blown sand piles up along Manasquan Beach, and partially covers a fence. A road sign blows in the high winds.