Carbondale, IL Ice Storm Damage & Destruction B-Roll – 1/13/2017

The first day of a major ice storm finally came to an end across southern Illinois as freezing rain fell during the day on Friday, leading to ice accumulations approaching half an inch which brought down some trees and knocked out power to over 5,000 customers in Jackson County (per Ameren-Illinois) during the day on Friday. Several vehicles were damaged by falling ice and tree limbs, and some roads were temporarily blocked.

Carbondale took the brunt locally as they measured over half an inch of ice was recorded, leading to the damaging weight on trees. The heaviest swatch of ice in the region was measured right through the Jackson County into neighboring Williamson County. Ice depth maxed out at just over half an inch in this swatch. Roads remained warm enough due to the previous days of near record highs, thus travel impacts were negligible. The biggest impacts came to the damage to trees due to the ice.

Video shot in the town of Carbondale, Illinois in Jackson County, approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of an icy Carbondale city limits sign with icy trees behind it.

Scene 3: POV driving shot following a few cars behind a salt truck as they enter Carbondale.

Scene 4: An IDOT truck drives slowly through drooping icy trees.

Scene 5: POV driving shot looking out windshield driving through low hanging icy trees, NAT sound of icy branches hitting vehicle.

Scene 6-10: Various shots of a home in Carbondale where large portions of a tree crashed down on a white van parked in the driveway. Damage included a large dent in the tailgate, a back window smashed out, and the passenger side mirror was broken off.

Scene 11-13: Shots of a tree off Main Street that was uprooted and tipped over due to the weight of the ice.

Scene 14-16: Utility crews on the side of the road with icy powerlines overhead and icy trees in the background.

Scene 17: Shot of powerlines on both sides of the road covered in very thick ice and drooping lower than normal.

Scene 18: Panning shot down icy powerlines.

Scene 19-21: Various shots of weighted down tree branches laying across icy powerlines.

Scene 22-25: Various shots of a very tall pine tree that fell over when the weight of the ice caused it to fall over and snap at the base.

Scene 26: Shot of bamboo bent over due to the weight of the ice.

Scene 27-31: Various shots of large groups of trees covered in over half an inch of ice. Very scenic shots.

Scene 32-34: Extra shots taken from near Rockwood, IL in Randolph County of an ICE on PAVEMENT road sign with icy trees surrounding it.