Oklahoma Ice Storm Wrecks – 1/14/2017

Wrecked Semi-Truck pulled upright after sliding off Interstate 40 Highway ramp from major Oklahoma ice storm. Several accidents along I-40 from Oklahoma City to El Reno, OK from icy conditions from major freezing rain event. State of Emergency has been declared for the region.

All footage shot during evening darkness on January 14, 2017 between El Reno and Oklahoma City, OK by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. Wide shot of semi-truck on tipped-over on its side after sliding off Interstate 40 highway on ramp in El Reno, OK with emergency vehicle assistance

2 & 3. Shots of semi-truck pulled upright by several vehicles after sliding off icy road and landing on its side

4-8. various shots of tipped-over semi-truck on I-40 in El Reno, OK

9. POV driving shot of accident scene with emergency vehicles

10. Driving shot of wrecked SUV from sliding into bridge wall on I-40 with emergency vehicle assistance near El Reno, OK

11-15. Various shots of accident scene after 2 vehicles wrecked on icy I-40 on west side of Oklahoma City

16. POV driving shot of salt truck/plow salting icy I-40 in El Reno, OK

17-19. Pushed-in shots of freezing rain falling in El Reno, OK
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