Festus, MO Ice Storm Powerlines, Trees & Cars Covered In Ice – 1/13/2017

Ice Storm Warnings continued in eastern Missouri on Friday as freezing rain continued to fall. Reports in the town of Festus, roughly 45 minutes south of St. Louis, indicate that by early afternoon, a quarter inch of ice had accumulated in the area. This weighed down trees, some that rested on powerlines, due to the weight of the ice. I-55 was well treated and just wet, with generally similar road conditions throughout the eastern part of the state. Most ice was impacting sidewalks, untreated surfaces, and trees.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot of the Missouri Welcome sign in south STL near the I-55 junction.

Scene 2-3: Shots of a MoDOT sign warning drivers of ice covered roads.

Scene 4-5: Shots looking down on I-55 at the Festus exit.

Scene 6: Oncoming traffic on I-55.

Scene 7: POV driving shot of radio antenna on the vehicle being bent due to weight of the ice while driving.

Scene 8-9: POV driving shots of a salt truck treating I-55.

Scene 10-13: Various shots of large branches weighing down ice-covered powerlines in Festus.

Scene 14-16: Shot of a red car with lots of ice collected and hanging off the backside of the vehicle.

Scene 17-20: Various shots of a minivan at a Festus gas station that had collected thick ice on antennas and mirrors while driving through the freezing rain.