Emporia, Virginia Winter Storm Travel Nightmare – 1/7/2017

Powerful winter storm slams the southeast with heavy snow, freezing rain, and sleet causing widespread traffic accidents and abandoned vehicles along I-95 in Virginia. Winter storm warnings and blizzard conditions affecting parts of Southeast Virginia causing dangerous travel conditions.

All footage shot in/near Emporia and Petersburg, VA along Interstate 95 during morning darkness and daylight on January 7, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1-9. Various shots of vehicles in ditches stranded in deep snow after sliding off snow-covered I-95 near Emporia, VA

10. pushed-in shot of snow falling and blowing past street light

11 & 12. shots of American Flag flapping in high winds with heavy snow falling and blowing in Emporia, VA

13-17. Shots of pickup truck pinned against grove of pine trees in deep snow after sliding off snow-covered I-95

18 & 19. Shots of a car stranded in deep snow in the median of I-95 near Emporia, VA after sliding off snow-covered highway.

20. POV driving shot of nearly whiteout conditions from high winds blowing heavy snow on I-95 in Emporia, VA

21-29. Various shots of many vehicles stuck in deep snow after sliding off snow-covered I-95 in Emporia, VA some with emergency assistance.

30. Shot of snowplow attempting to clear snow from I-95 in Emporia, VA

31 & 32. Passing shots of vehicles abandoned in deep snow after sliding off I-95

33. shot of downtown Petersburg, VA with snow falling

34. pushed-in shot of traffic in heavy snow

35-37. Various shots of heavy snow falling in neighborhoods in Petersburg, VA

38. pushed-in shot of man walking his dog with heavy snow falling in Petersburg, VA

39. pushed-in shot of man walking in heavy snow in Petersburg, VA

40 & 41. pushed-in shots of snow-covered neighborhood in Petersburg, VA

42 & 43. pushed-in shots of "Blizzard" advertisement on Dairy Queen marquee in Petersburg, VA

44 & 45. pushed in shots of semi-truck stuck slippery snow on inclined highway ramp leading to I-95

47 & 48. passing shots of abandoned vehicles on I-95 after sliding off highway into deep snow

49. passing shot of semi-truck stuck in deep snow in median ditch of I-95 near Petersburg, VA

50. shot of utility truck stuck in deep snow after losing control and sliding of road near Petersburg, VA