Raleigh, NC Winter Storm & Icy Roads & Crash 1/7/2017

Winter Storm impacts Raleigh, North Carolina with Freezing rain, snow and sleet. Icy and snow roads, Vehicles stuck (tires spinning), snow plows, vehicles driving icy roads, pedestrians walking in winter weather, accumulation of freezing rain on vehicles and tree branches, general shots downtown Raleigh, NC
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Pickup truck attempts to pull another pickup truck which is unable to gain traction on icy parking lot. Tires spinning and fish tailing vehicles.

Scene 4-5: Capital Building with snow management vehicles.

Scene 6: Vehicles driving icy road (South Saunders)

Scene 7: Snow plow salting road in downtown Raleigh

Scene 8: Snow plow salting road, vehicle passing by behind.

Scene 9: Near Raleigh Convention Center, icy conditions, slippery roads

Scene 10: Iced over hilly roads, people crossing roadway.

Scene 11-13: Transportation driving icy roads, DOT managing roads

Scene 14-17: Over night shot (3AM) of freezing rain accumulating on vehicles and trees.