Lindenhurst & Suffolk County NY Heavy Snow Nor’easter – 1/7/2017

Heavy snow from the first major nor'easter of Winter 2017 falls and quickly accumulates , making travel extremely difficult around Lindenhurst, NY (Suffolk County, Long Island)
Shot Description

Shot 1: Suffolk County Police assist a driver who's vehicle stalled out in heavy snow on Montauk Highway.
Shot 2: A snow plow clears snow off of Montauk Highway in Suffolk County, NY
Shots 3 & 4: Very heavy snow falls, reducing visibilities to near zero at times, as motorists navigate snow covered roads in Lindenhurst, NY.
Shot 5: Store owners clear snow off their sidewalks, as heavy snow continues to fall in Lindenhurst, NY.
Shot 6: A mother and child barely visible through heavy snow walk down Wellwood Ave. in Lindenhurst, NY.
Shots 7 & 8: Snow plows drive around, and clear snow in Lindenhurst, NY.
Shot 9: A family braves the heavy snow and poor travel conditions as they head to a diner for lunch in Lindenhurst, NY.
Shot 10: A man uses a snow blower to clear snow from his walkway in Suffolk County, NY.
Shots 11 – 13: Pedestrians are barely visible through very heavy snow as they brave the elements in Suffolk County, NY.
Shot 14: Seagulls take a break as heavy snow falls along the south shore of Suffolk County, NY.
Shots 15 & 16: Pedestrians braving the heavy snow in Lindenhurst, NY. A man braves the elements, and prepares to deliver a pizza in Lindenhurst, NY.
Shots 17 & 18: Car Dash POV's of heavy snow falling on the Southern State Parkway in Suffolk County, NY and driving around Lindenhurst, NY.