Fargo, ND Winter Storm Nighttime Travel Hazard – 1/2/2017

Shots of snow covered roads and near white out conditions as the latest winter storm which brought tornadoes to the southern US and blizzard conditions to the Midwest takes shape.
Shot Description

Shot 1: No Travel Advised on I-29 through Fargo with 5 Plows plowing the road.
Shot 2: Closer shot of tandem snow plows on I29
Shot 3: Tandem snow plows through I-29 in Fargo.
Shot 4: I-29 sign of no travel advised.
Shot 5: More I-29 Tandem Plows.
Shot 6: Someone in the ditch along I-29 being tended to by ND Highway Patrol.
Shot 7: Roads near Casselton, ND and I-94 entrance ramp (entrance ramp has 6+ inches of snow on it)
Shot 8: I-94 entrance ramp near Mapleton, ND.
Shot 9: Plows along I-94 near Mapleton, ND.
Shot 10: I-94 into Fargo with snow covered roads and people passing creating near white out conditions.
Shot 11: Plows on exit ramp off I-29
Shot 12: Snow covered I-94
Shot 13: Cass County Highway 4, totally covered in blowing snow