Marion, IL Extreme Dense Daytime Fog – 1/2/2017

Travel headaches all up and down the central and eastern parts of the country ranging from snow and ice up north to severe weather in the south and dense fog in the middle. Basically every type of weather is creating travel problems in the first few days of 2017.

Dense Fog Advisories were in effect overnight Sunday into Monday and again through Tuesday morning as very thick fog settled in all day Monday into the overnight hours across southern Illinois. While impact was fairly light due to it being a holiday, it was a factor in several reported accidents in the region as visibility at times was near zero. Traffic was slowed throughout the day as a result of the limited visibility.

Video shot in Marion, Illinois along I-57, which is approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis. Includes footage of traffic and limited visibility on I-57 in Marion as well as in the town of Marion.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Establishing shot of a Welcome to Marion sign with dense fog.

Scene 2: POV driving shot getting onto I-57 with very limited visibility.

Scene 3: POV driving shot along I-57 driving in the fog.

Scene 4: Very cool shot looking at I-57 from Rt. 13 in Marion with the overpass and traffic signs barely visible in the very dense fog. The traffic lights barely visible in the background.

Scene 5: Shot of traffic on Rt. 13 at I-57 in the fog.

Scene 6: Shot of an interchange in Marion to get on to I-57 with dense fog.

Scene 7: Close shot of I-57 sign in the fog.

Scene 8: Shot looking at an overpass of I-57 in the fog.

Scene 9: Shot of traffic on I-57 at the Rt 13 exit, one sign halfway visible and the signs behind it barely visible.

Scene 10: Shot of oncoming traffic on I-57, one car exits to the left side of frame while I-57 southbound traffic passes on the right.

Scene 11: Tight shot of Rt. 13 exit sign in the fog.

Scene 12: Shot looking fown I-57 southbound as cars drive in fog. The back of highway signs barely visible in the fog.

Scene 13: Traffic driving along Rt. 13 in the fog.

Scene 14: Shot looking down a Marion city street with a merge sign in the immediate foreground, traffic disappearing into the fog as they drive away form the camera.

Scene 15: Shot of Marion City street in the fog.

Scene 16: Shot looking down Marion city street as traffic drives in fog, mailbox in foreground for depth.

Scene 17: Shot of people at a Marion gas station in the fog.

Scene 18: Woman with her dog on a leash in the fog.

Scene 19: Another shot of woman with dog as she walks off-camera.

Scene 20: Shot of tree and telephone pole barely visible in the dense fog.

Scene 21: Shot of street light and tree in the fog.

Scene 22: Shot of tree and street light in the fog.

Scene 23: Shot looking down at a parking lot in the fog.