Twin Cities Freezing Rain Evening Drive – 1/2/2017

Freezing rain made the evening commute home a nightmare as interstate 94 became a parking lot and Highway 10 was not any better for those trying to get home on the northwest side of the Metro.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Sign reporting Ice On Road.

Clip 2 Interstate 94 covered in ice and a parking lot.

Clip 3 Car in the ditch, pov drive by.

Clip 4 Car in the ditch.

Clip 5 Car in the ditch.

Clip 6 Jeep in the ditch.

Clip 7 Tight shot of the salt coming out the back of a snow plow truck.

Clip 8 Wide shot passing a snow plow.

Clip 9 Passing a snow plow dumping salt on the interstate.

Clip 10 Crashed car on ice covered roads with a tow truck next to it.

Clip 11 Lots of police and tow trucks for vehicles off road.