Northeast South Dakota Extreme Damaging Winds – 12/26/2016

Video Footage of the Highest Impact Damaging Winds associated with the very Powerful Winter Storm Hammering the Dakota and Minnesota region this Holiday Weekend! Video shows 65MPH Gusting Winds with Flags Ripping, Poles Bending down, Trees Breaking Down with Large Limbs Falling to Ground as well as Road Signs Twisting like a Top in the Extreme Winds!
Shot Description

Clip 1. State Highway Stop Sign in Peever South Dakota Twisting and Turning like a Toy in True Violent 65MPH Wind Gusts and Ground Blizzard Conditions!

Clip 2. Tight POV of Stop Sign nearly breaking in the high winds!

Clip 3. Flags pushed beyond their limits in the extreme Gusts ripping in half and bits falling to ground!

Clip 4. Two Flags with Tree swaying wildly in shot pushed to Hurricane limits nearly bending the pole over!

Clip 5. Large Tree Limbs down all over the Town of Peever South Dakota Succumbing to Ice covered limbs and Extreme Winds!

Clip 6. Widespread Tree Branches and Large Limbs cover the towns ground and Streets in Peever.

Clip 7. Flag Tearing up in the Winds.

Clip 8. Stop Sign Tight POV bending in the winds in Sisseton South Dakota.