Grand Forks, ND area Overnight Intense Ice Storm – 12/25/2016

Intense video of the Rapid Arrival and Onset of Dangerous and Intense Ice Storm Conditions with Extremely Heavy Freezing Rain,Ice Pellets,Sleet and Snow wreaking instant Havoc on all forms of Travel across Northeastern North Dakota after Sunset on this Christmas Day with many Car Crashes and Air Travel Impacts!
Shot Description

Clip 1. North Dakota DOT US Highway 2 Digital Alert Sign "No Travel Advised From Minnesota Border to Montana Border Entire State"! (Shot Tight.)

Clip 2. North Dakota DOT US Highway 2 Digital Alert Sign No Travel Advisory! Wide with Traffic and Semis in heavy Ice/Sleet/Snow!

Clip 3. North Dakota Department Of Transportation Plowing and Sanding the thick Ice Covered Roads in Interstate I-29 near Manvel North Dakota.

Clip 4. Digital Interstate Travel Alert sign "No Travel From US/Canadian Border to near Fargo North Dakota!"

Clip 5. Car Sideways into I-29 road Median with 2 Truck stuck in deep snow after sliding off ice covered Interstate in Dark!

Clip 6. Man struggling to shovel out car and pickup truck buried in deep snow up to car doors!

Clip 7. SUV in the Ditch off roadway Interstate I-29.

Clip 8. Pickup Truck Gunning and Racing Engine and Spinning Tires, to try to get out of Road Ditch after sliding off in ICE and was successful!

Clip 9.North Dakota State Trooper on scene of crash in poor visibility.

Clip 10.Flags in winds and sleet/Ice Pellets Tight.

Clip 11. Flags in wind and Ice Pellets well light and wide with convention center and holiday lights in background.

Clip 12. Travel Plaza with very Heavy Snow well light with Stranded Travelers.

Clip 13. Ultra Heavy Snow ponds straight into the Camera Lens well light and Half Dollar sized snow flakes!

Clip 14. Dozens of Semi -Trucks stranded at a truck stop along I-29, forced off road by Ice and Snow.

Clip 15. Car slid into huge snow bank with Police on scene.

Clip 16. Car up onto snow bank after sliding on pure glare ice covered roads (Tight).

Clip 17. Car with emergency response and tow truck.

Clip 18. Air plane struggles to land in the dark at Grand Forks International Airport in Severe Icing and strong Crosswinds!