Fargo North Dakota Area Ice Storm – 12/25/2016

A massive ice storm is currently impacting South Dakota and North Dakota, with power outages being reported. Video is shot from the start of the ice storm impacting North Dakota, along with snow covered Interstates.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Freezing rain falling along I-94 in Fargo, ND
Shot 2: Cars passing a snowplow with one starting to spin out while passing.
Shot 3: Snow plow raising the loader up and down.
Shot 4: Ice on tree branches.
Shot 5: Truck kicking up snow and ice on I-94
Shot 6: Snow getting whipped around and falling in Casselton, ND.
Shot 7: Entrance ramp to I-94 near Casselton, ND
Shot 8: Snow covered I-94 with freezing rain/snow falling.
Shot 9: Snow covered Cass County Highway 10.
Shot 10: Cars trying to stop at a stop sign in Casselton, ND