Eastern North Dakota Ice Roads And Blizzard Conditions 12/26/2016

Location: Multiple – I-29 Grand Forks to Fargo to South Dakota State Line.

Footage of Severe Glaze Ice Road Conditions Combined with Dangerous Blizzard Conditions across Eastern North Dakota this early Monday making travel nearly impossible and heavy snow and drift plowing very difficult in the extreme conditions!
Shot Description

Clip 1. Interstate I-29 in Eastern North Dakota Glazed over with 2 inches of frozen Ice and Slush making travel extremely dangerous and nearly impossible in the Red River Valley!

Clip 2. State Snow Plow pushing hard against high winds to scrap off a savage layer of pure thick ICE! (Close Pass-By POV!)

Clip 3. Large Snow Plows Bust Open I-29 on the (FIRST PLOW THROUGH) of this Monday morning after it was shut down for a time overnight, Plow busting through 3 foot snow drifts!

Clip 4. Large 4 unit Gang Plow Rig with 1 unit towing a Large Tow Plow Breaking first trail on I-29 South near Fargo North Dakota and Interstate I-94.

Clip 5. Close POV of Gang Plow opening up Interstate in deep snow! (Some snow throwing to 12 feet high!)

Clip 6. Car driving on pure glaze ice.

Clip 7. Snow plow heavy scraping thick Ice off the roadway.

Clip 8-10 Cars Driving and quickly disappearing in Severe Blizzard Conditions!