Ashford, WA Winter Storm and Crashed Suv – 12/27/2016

Heavy mountain snow near Ashford Washington and related wreck on WA-706 towards Mt Rainier as winter storm warnings were up for the mountain areas of WA. Video of car that went off snowy road and into a creek. Vehicles on dangerous snow covered mountain roads with heavy snow falling. Video attaching snow chains to truck tires. People looking cold playing in fresh wet mountain snow.
Shot Description

1-8) Eight clips of scene of a red Lexus that went off a snowy WA-706 and down a bank and into a creek. Near Ashford Washington in Pierce Co. No one was injured.
9-12) Four shots of a small SUV navigating down a snow filled mountain road in heavy falling snow.
13) Tilt from tree top down to deep gorge at edge of road.
14-17) Four clips attaching snow chains to truck tires.
18-21) Four vehicles on snow covered mountain road.
22) Snowman at side of mountain road with girl in distance.
23) Girl walking road in heavy snow.
24) Heavy snow falling.
25) Girl sledding down a snow covered mountain road.
26) Woman walks through frame in heavy snow almost falling from slipping.
27) Guy on snow tractor takes out a snowman.
28) Tractor snow chain tires spinning.