Rice Lake, WI Brutal Cold Weather – 12/18/2016

The coldest air so far of this winter has slammed Northwestern WI. Temps in the 20s below zero.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Bank thermometer reading 22 below zero.
Clip 2 . Another bank thermometer reading 24 below zero.
Clip 3-4 Shows a few brave people out in the cold.
Clip 5. Steam coming off open water be the dam.
Clip 6. Steam and ice on the open water by the dam.
Clip 7. Wide shot of icicles.
Clip 8. Closer shot of the icicles.
Clip 9. Horses out in the cold weather.
Clip 10. A close shot of a horse out in the cold eating hay.
Clip 11. Exhaust from a tail pipe.
Clip 12. A closer shot of exhaust from same tail pipe.
Clip 13. More icicles.
Clip 14. Heat rising from a furnace pipe.
Clip 15. Steam rising from a cabin's furnace pipe that is on the other side of the building.
Clip 16-17. Traffic on main street is hardly none as most people are staying indoors today.