Des Moines, IA Sub ZeroTemperatures – 12/18/2016

An arctic airmass moved down from Canada causing sub zero temperatures and dangerous wind chills to multiple states Sunday morning. A wind chill warning was in effect for wind chills down to -25f to -35f
Shot Description

Shot 1: Billboard displaying -11f in front of downtown Des Moines, Iowa
Shot 2: Close up of billboard reading -11f
Shot 3: Storm drain steaming due to cold outdoor temperatures
Shot 4: Man crossing street in cold temperatures
Shot 5: Wide shot of the Des Moines river steaming due to temperature difference.
Shot 6: Close up of the Des Moines river steaming.
Shot 7: Steam coming from vent on top of downtown hotel.
Shot 8: Man walking down sidewalk towards camera.
Shot 9: Skid loader sweeping snow from sidewalk
Shot 10: Wide shot looking towards downtown Des Moines.
Shot 11: Panning with car towards downtown Des Moines.
Shot 12: School sign displays -11f
Shot 13: Two men shoveling off sidewalk
Shot 14: Large flag blowing in the wind.
Shot 15: "Hazardous driving conditions possible" displayed on Iowa DOT sign over I-235