Minneapolis, MN extreme brutal 20F Below Zero – 12/18/2016

Brutal cold air temps combined with winds is making it feel more like -30F below zero in the Twin Cities this morning.
Shot Description

Clip 1 and 2 tight and wide clips of a time and temp sign showing it was -25F

Clip 3 – 4 Woman waiting to cross the street with her face covered up from the insane cold weather.

Clip 5 Traffic on First Avenue

Clip 6 Woman waiting at the rail station.

Clip 7 Woman walking and coming into rack focus in the cold.

Clip 8 Woman waiting to cross the street in the brutal cold weather holding her face.

Clip 9 Man standing in the cold weather.

Clip 10 Woman walking towards the camera.

Clip 11 Woman walking across the street towards the camera.

Clip 12 Group of people walking and looking cold.

Clip 13 Traffic on Hennepin Avenue.