Carbondale, IL Icy Chizzle Cold AM – 12/18/2016

Overnight ice and snows cleared out of southern IL giving way to the coldest morning of the season. While temperatures remained well above freezing in the teens, the big story was the drop from less than 24 hours ago. Some nearby areas broke record highs on Saturday, then watched as temperatures plunged by as much as 60-degrees in less than 24 hours. Winds gusting up to 15 miles per hour put wind chills below zero across most of the region.

Nearby Paducah, Kentucky for instance, set their record high on Saturday at 1:37pm of 72-degrees, and as of 10am Sunday, was 17 degrees. That is a 55-degree drop in just over 20 hours of time.

Temperatures on Sunday won't moderate much, in fact, are expected to fall. Many areas across southern IL will be in the low single digits, some near 0 and even a degree or two below overnight. With lows expected to be that cold, some areas may see a 70-75 degree temperature difference between Saturday afternoon and early Monday morning.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Three shots of a van owner attempting to pull his windshield wiper off a frozen windshield, eventually having to use the ice scraper to chizzle it off the ice. Good NAT sound.

Scene 4: POV shot of opening van door that was frozen shut, good NAT sound.

Scene 5-7: Various shots of ice-covered van in the morning.

Scene 8-11: Various shots of digital thermometers in town reading 14-degrees.

Scene 12: American flag blowing in the gusty winds.

Scene 13: Girl pumping gas, her hair blowing in the wind.

Scene 14: Man in hooded camo jacket walking a grocery cart through the wind and cold.

Scene 15: Woman getting gas looking cold.

Scene 16: Woman loading groceries into her car.

Scene 17: Woman with clinched fists walking into a store.

Scene 18: Bare tree blowing against a cloudy backdrop.