Rockford, IL Heavy Snow, Accidents & Snow Plows – 12/11/2016

Major winter storm continued to hammer parts of northern Illinois Sunday afternoon causing several spinouts and accidents around the city of Rockford in the northern part of the state. Heavy snows quickly overtook roads making for very hazardous travel, including visibility near zero at times.

Video package shot in the late afternoon hours of daylight in and around the city of Rockford, Illinois. Includes a series of shots on a black car being pulled from a snow bank and an SUV getting unstuck while fishtailing to freedom onto the road.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-6: Black car spun out into the culvert on the on-ramp to US-20 on the south side of Rockford. Vehicle stuck and had to be pulled out by a tow truck. Scene opens with a passing plow truck of the tow truck, then pans to the car off the road. Several angles of the car, including on a hill looking down on the car. Plow driver hooks up and eventually pulls the vehicle out.

Scene 7-11: SUV spun around 180-degrees off US-20, first shot of the vehicle facing the wrong way in the snow off the highway, second shot of the vehicle with its back door swinging open as it fishtails onto the road from the snow, freeing itself. Three shots follow of the police officer that was on scene, all while heavy snow falls on the vehicles.

Scene 12: Shot of US-20 with the Rockford Exits sign and passing traffic in the snow.

Scene 13: Heavy snow falling over a digital highway sign and you can barely make out the green highway signs further back due to the very heavy falling snow.

Scene 14-16: POV driving shots later in the afternoon from US-20 as the heaviest snows fell, showing very limited visibility near Rockford.

Scene 17: POV driving shot of passing snow plow driving at camera.

Scene 18: Plow driving at camera in very heavy falling snow.

Scene 19-21: Various shots of plows in and around Rockford during the heaviest falling snows.

Scene 22: Snow plow sitting along the highway near Rockford.

Scene 23: Near white-out conditions, can barely make out highway signs in background.

Scene 24-25: Shots of traffic on US-20 on the south side of Rockford in the falling snow.