LaSalle, IL Overnight Winter Storm Accidents Travel Headache – 12/11/2016

After over 24 hours, the big Midwest snowstorm finally starts to clear out, but not after dumping as much as 10 inches of snow to portions of northern Illinois. Heavy snows continued into the evening before tapering off to flurries before midnight, but slippery roads lead to some issues for drivers in and near the town of La Salle near the junction of I-39 and I-80.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-4: Driver in a car stuck on ice spins her front wheels trying to get free while another driver attempts to push the car free.

Scene 5-7: An SUV with emergency flashers next to a vehicle that slid off I-39 south of La Salle. Vehicle stuck in the snow was unable to get free.

Scene 8: Black SUV spins tires and fishtails trying to get traction in a parking lot.

Scene 9-10: Wide shot of truck stop in La Salle off I-80 with the La Salle water tower in the background. Tighter shot of water tower follows.

Scene 11: Heavy snow falls as traffic in the background moves.

Scene 12-14: Front-end loader moving snow in a truck stop parking lot.

Scene 15: Cars as gas pumps as snow falls.

Scene 16-19: POV driving shots of snow plows on I-39 approaching I-80 near La Salle. Includes wide shots of plows and close up shot of salt dropping.

Scene 20-21: Heavy snow falling in the street lights.