Freeport, IL Winter Storm Cleanup – 12/11/2016

Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect for most of northern Illinois for the rest of the day Sunday as more off-and-on snows continue. Accumulations have ranged up to 5 inches in areas as snow lightened up overnight before another round moved in late Sunday morning. Most highways were mostly clear, however US-20 from Rockport to Freeport was snow covered and heavy snows made for limited visibility on the drive into town. Residents of Freeport spent most of the morning and early afternoon hours clearing snow from parking lots and driveways.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-5: POV driving shots showing very limited visibility due to heavy snow on US-20 just east of Freeport.

Scenes 6-8: POV driving shot following a snow plow on US-20 near Freeport, including a tight shot of the plow itself.

Scene 9: Traffic passing the Freeport Exit sign with snow.

Scene 10-12: Shots of snow plow clearing parking lot in Freeport.

Scene 13-14: Group of three kids, two of which are wearing shorts, walking through neighborhood streets with snow clearing tools.

Scene 15-17: Man in flannel shirt clearing driveway with a snowblower.

Scene 18: Man shoveling sidewalk.

Scene 19: Long shot of a man shoveling a driveway as a women walking a dog appears in frame.

Scene 20: Woman walking at the camera with a dog.

Scene 21: Woman in heavy coat walking through snowy covered streets.

Scene 22: Lone car driving up neighborhood snow-covered street.

Scene 23: Traffic on snow covered main road in Freeport.