Steuben County, NY Slick Roads & Car Accidents – 12/10/2016

Footage of several car accidents with cars in ditches from slick hazardous highways (Interstate 86) in Steuben County, NY as lake effect snow and arctic blast continues to plague the Great Lakes.

All footage shot in or near Steuben County, NY on I-86 during morning daylight on December 10, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. Driving shot passing highway patrol car assisting car wrecked in ditch after sliding off icy roadway on I-86 in Steuben County, NY

2. shot of tow truck and highway patrol car assisting wrecked car in ditch on I-86 after sliding off slick hazardous roadway with traffic passing by in Steuben County, NY

3. pushed-in shot of tow truck driver carrying wrecked car's bumper over to car in ditch on I-86, car slid off highway from slick, hazardous snow-covered roadway from lake effect snow in Steuben County, NY

4. wide shot of tow truck and police assisting wrecked car on I-86 in Steuben County, NY after sliding off highway from snow-covered roadway

5. wide shot of car wrecked in ditch, highway patrol assisting driver, officer on side of highway, snowplow passing by accident on I-86 in Steuben County, NY

6. pushed-in shot of highway patrol assisting driver and passenger from wrecked car after sliding off snowy I-86 in Steuben County, NY

7. pushed-in shot of police officer in foreground with accident in background from hazardous snowy road on I-86 in Steuben County, NY

8. wide shot of highway patrol helping traffic on hazardous slick I-86 with accident in Steuben County, NY

9. pushed-in shot of officer helping traffic at accident on I-86 from snow-covered, slick and hazardous roadway in Steuben County, NY

10. pushed-in shot of officer walking along I-86 shoulder with traffic passing by with snow falling at scene of accident from hazardous roadway in Steuben County, NY

11. pushed-in shot of officer in foreground crossing I-86 with accident and patrol cars in background from hazardous roads in Steuben County, NY

12. pushed-in shot of car in ditch with driver and passenger with patrol car assisting after sliding off hazardous snow-covered I-86 in Steuben County, NY

13. POV driving shot of heavy snow falling on I-86 with traffic