Pipestone, MN Snow Storm – 12/10/2016

Video Footage of the rapid onset of Heavy Snow Bands and the quick hitting & Significant impacts it is having on Residents of Southwest Minnesota and Southeast South Dakota!
Shot Description

Clip #1. Woman walking in Heavy snow and wind with serious arctic gear and facemask for protection from the storm.

Clip #2. Snow Plowing and laying down Salt and Sand on ice and snow covered Roads.

Clip #3. Heavy Snow Falling with Sanding Truck spreading Sand on Roadway close POV.

Clip #4. Man Air blowing light fluffy snow of of Sidewalk.

Clip #5. Close POV of air blowing snow.

Clip #6. Man Shoveling snow in the heavy snow band.

Clip #7. Close Up of snow blade pushing the quick 3 inches in Pipestone MN.

Clip #8. Man Snow Blowing with large snow blower.

Clip #9. Winter driving conditions near Sioux Falls SD.

Clip #10. Near Whiteout conditions on interstate I-90 near Worthington Minnesota with Semi trucks passing by in heavy snow and wind.