Kalamazoo, MI & Martin, MI Extremely Heavy Lake Effect Snow – 12/10/2016

Near continuous doses of heavy lake-effect snow squalls affecting the US-131 corridor of Kalamazoo and Allegan Counties in Southwest Lower Michigan created fairly slow, slippery conditions at times sending a few cars into ditches.
Shot Description

0:00 ~ 0:07 "Winter is coming… Brace Yourself" animated sign juxtaposed with snow and traffic flow in Kalamazoo, wide.

0:07 ~ 0:12 Moving traffic in moderate snow, Kalamazoo at US-131, medium.

0:13 ~ 0:19 Car in ditch with Allegan Co. sherif car w/ flashing lights, medium.

0:20 ~ 0:25 Passing Allegan Co. plow/salt truck, slushy roads at Martin, MI, wide.

0:26 ~ 0:33 External shot of moving traffic in snow, nats., tight.

0:33 ~ 0:36 US-131 south to Kalamazoo sign, wide.

0:36 ~ 0:41 Passing car off US-131 cop w/ lights, reversal shot, near Otsego exit, tight.

0:41 ~ 0:47 Heavy lake-effect snow on US-131 with vehicles, driving, tight.

0:48 ~ 0:52 Near white-out conditions on US-131 with vehicles, driving, wide.

0:53 ~ 1:13 Assorted W/M/T driving/external shots of winter conditions in Kalamazoo/Allegan Counties.

1:13 ~ 1:28 City driving in Kalamazoo, slow traffic/mergers, break-lights, M/T.

1:29 ~ 1:35 Additional snow, driving shots on US-131, medium.