Saint Cloud, MN Freezing Rain & Blizzard Travel Nightmare – 11/18/2016

While western MN is getting hammered by the blizzard conditions, freezing rain coated the roads around Saint Cloud, MN and southeastern Stearns County this morning creating hazardous driving conditions. Before changing over to heavy wet snow.

The heavy wet snow also started taking down power lines.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Road sign warning of slippery conditions covered in snow

Clip 2 POV Snow Plow on Interstate 94 scrapping off the ice.

Clip 3 Side shot of Snow Plow Blade

Clip 4 Car in the ditch with a smashed up back end.

Clip 5 Major crash on Interstate 94 at the county line of a car under a semi trailer
Crash shut down the interstate for a while today.

Clip 6 Crash in front of the semi truck of a car facing the wrong way.

Clip 7 Traffic backed up on Interstate 94 from the crash.

Clip 8 Wide shot of the crash on Interstate 94 with snow falling

Clip 9 POV Driving in ice and snow on I94

Clip 10 -11 Car being pulled out along Highway 10

Clip 12 Blowing snow and traffic as the worst of the storm starts to move in.

Clip 13 POV Snow plows

Clip 14 Tight shot of the salt being dumped from the snow plow.

Clip 15 Tight shot of the side snow plow blade throwing snow.

Clip 16 Wide POV of two snow plows.

Clip 17 Saint Cloud police blocking the road for a downed power lines

Clip 18 Broken power line on top of a power pole

Clip 19 Broken power line hanging down on the ground.

Clip 20 Crews setting up barricades in front of the down lines.

Clip 21 Car in the ditch

Clip 22 Blowing snow

Clip 23 Blowing Flag in the snow.