Morris, MN Extreme Blizzard Conditions – 11/18/2016

Video of Intense and Extreme Blizzard that is occurring in Western Minnesota with Whiteout conditions and power outages 4 foot snow drifts and people stranded in place!
Shot Description

1. 60MPH wind gusts in true zero whiteout conditions on Morris Minnesota.

2. People shovel through feet of snowdrifts in 60MPH winds.

3. Man walking in extreme Blizzard conditions backwards into the wind!

4. Whiteout conditions in Chokio MN.

5. MNDOT Snowplow being pulled off the highway as no travel advised!

6. Trees coming down and branches breaking off of large oak trees in Morris MN.

7. Snow blowing across roadway in intense winds.

8. Car going invisible in Chokio MN.

9-15 Extreme Blizzard Footage.