Western Minnesota Blizzard And Wrecks – 11/18/2016

Footage of the Truly Dangerous and Intense Blizzard Crippling Modern Day Travel Today in Western Minnesota!
Shot Description

1. WHITEOUT Blizzard with true Zero Visibility and 60MPH Winds.

2. MNDOT Snow Plow Breaking a Trial on MN HWY 28 near Graceville MN.

3. Car off the Road in Stevens County MN with a Truck Towing out.

4. Snow Plow Passing By POV in Blizzard.

5. Large Heavy Snow Equipment Plowing deep 2 ft drifts in Morris MN.

6. Signs bending in the strong violent winds.

7. People shoveling Snow in Graceville MN.

8-14 Winter Storm Winds and Snow POV's